After lockdown, Concept Art presents works by 17 artists…

After several weeks of lockdown, Franck Thévenaud awaits art lovers on the occasion of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day...

The gradual end of lockdown started on May 11 in all the French territories in the Caribbean. Art galleries are among the cultural spaces authorized to open their doors to the public while respecting barrier gestures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Concept'Art 4

Concept Art, located in the industrial and commercial zone of Jarry in Baie-Mahault is one of the first art galleries in the Guadeloupean archipelago that are ready to welcome art lovers in order to make them, in a way, forget these (almost) two months of confinement. Franck Thévenaud, its director, offers works of 17 artists (most of them are Caribbean).

Recall that the particularity of Concept Art is to also exhibit in companies the works of the artists: Florence Poirier-NKP (current exhibition at Opcalia); Yves Bercion; Laurrence Brudey; Jérôme Sainte-Luce; Ylda Decrop (current exhibition at Vadex); Karine Gallas (current exhibition at Stéphanie Jowett-Vairelles’ office); Margot Asphe (current exhibition at LB développement); Jean-Marc Hunt; Alain Joséphine; Micheline Souprayen; François Piquet; Mathias Floret; Marie Aimer; Denis Ninine; Marion Kreczanik; Myriam Mocka-Célestine; Claude Rimbert.

“At a time of reopening, it’s time to get back the taste for artistic pleasures (…) Now it’s time to treat yourself or others”, said Franck Thévenaud.

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