Steek, the triple Bodypainting World Champion, participated in the WKAF

The World Kréyol Art Festival (WKAF) officially ended on May 25, but artists continue to make more attractive the walls of the city. Recently, Steek, the Triple Bodypainting World Champion and the 4KG artists’ collective have created, opposite the new courthouse of Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe), a big fresco that catches the attention.

World Art Kreyol Festival 4A
Benoît Bottala “Steek” & 4KG

People who love art had surely seen this great fresco which was being painted on one of the walls of a house opposite the new courthouse of Pointe-à-Pitre, in Dugommier Street, since last July. This magnificent work that pays tribute to women is signed by Benoît Bottala aka Steek and the 4KG artists’ collective. Steek, who was very busy when the second edition of the World Kréyol Art Festival (WKAF) took place, was not able to take part fully in this cultural event (even if he had visited his artist friends on the different spots) which was organized by the artist Al Pacman and has had a great popular success. In addition, the Double Bodypainting World Champion also had to focus on his participation in the Bodypainting World Championship which was held last July in Austria. Guadeloupean artist has just succeeded in doing what no one had done yet : he won 3 times in a row (2017, 2018 and 2019) the title of “Bodypainting World Champion”!

This past Sunday, August 11, in the late afternoon, Steek (who got back from a trip to the United States) and members of 4KG (who got back from Senegal) were finishing this large fresco at Dugommier Street. The artist said with a smile : “This time, I won the title for me, the first time it was for my mother, the second time for my girlfriend”.

World Art Kreyol Festival 3B
Al Pacman

The WAKF will be bigger in 2020

On another smaller wall, Alfredus – who participated last May in the exhibition of works organized by the WKAF at the Pavillon de la Ville in Pointe-à-Pitre and the street art contest of the “DSP Block Party” had also painted a work. On another wall, Al Pacman was putting a finishing touches on two small frescoes made from a photo of his mobile phone. This well-known artist, whose works can be found all over the island, last May has demonstrated his abilities to organize a great artistic event such as the World Kréyol Art Festival. The third edition is scheduled from May 1 to 10, 2020 with the participation of local artists and foreign artists, including the United States, and many surprises. We will have the opportunity soon to talk in more detail with Al Pacman.

Thanks to their artistic talent, Steek, Al Pacman, 4KG and all other street-artists help promote the island of Guadeloupe around the world.

World Art Kreyol Festival 14

World Art Kreyol Festival 12