Piano dans la Ville: to promote this musical instrument

On Saturday, June 9, in the morning, the piano notes enchanted the audience on the Place du Marché aux Épices in Pointe-à-Pitre during the event “Piano dans la Ville” (Piano in the city).

As every year the association “Gwadloup Groove”, which organizes the “Festival Première Rencontre autour du Piano” whose 10th edition takes place in Guadeloupe from June 8 to 15 with the participation of renowned musicians, had put a piano at the Place du Marché aux Épices (Spice Market Place), a very frequented location in the city of Pointe-à-Pitre. Pianist students – in particular those of the Institut Chopin run by Grégory Beer – and experienced pianists came to perform the music tracks of their choice to the delight of the audience who could listen to classical music composed by Ludwig van Beethoven or Frédéric Chopin, jazz, soul but also local music (biguine, mazurka, zouk…) with well-known tracks like “Élwa or ka vwoyajé”, “On Dousè”

If some spectators were already informed about this outdoor musical event and came to attend, others who had come to shop in the city discovered it with great amazement and joy so they stopped a few minutes to enjoy the free show.

Mario Canonge, a guest of honor close to the public

The guest of honor at this international piano festival, Mario Canonge, was also present. After visiting the Marché aux Épices, the talented Martinican pianist talked in all simplicity to the audience who was delighted to see him. Before going, Mario Canonge did not forget to sit down at the piano to offer the audience three beautiful performances.

Steve Nuissier, the artistic director of the Festival who, out of modesty, does not consider himself a pianist, also accepted to perform with talent a composition…

This year, the “Festival Première Rencontre autour du Piano” takes place on five stages: Memorial ACTe and Salle George Tarer in Pointe-à-Pitre, New Ti Paris in Le Gosier, Centre Culturel Gérard Lockel in Baie-Mahault and Centre Culturel Sonis in Les Abymes.

The other guests are Japanese Yayoi Lina Ikawa, Martinican Marc Cabrera, Colombian Jesus Javier Molina, Pole Adam Czulak, Guadeloupean Anthony Leclaire and American Pamelia Stickney.