Online Creole courses: Benzo has raised the necessary amount of money!

Benzo - Photo: Évelyne Chaville

180 contributors have paid EUR 8,621 between October 8 and November 24, 2021.


On October 28, we informed you about the project to give online Creole courses launched by Benjamin Moïse, also known as Benzo (former teacher, storyteller, writer, researcher, actor and musician with the group Kasika). To do this, Benzo had asked the financial participation of Guadeloupeans as well as all those from elsewhere who want to discover this language on the Ulule platform (pioneer of crowdfunding in France, created in 2010) to raise the sum of EUR 8,000.

Obviously, Benzo’s project was well received as he won his bet within the time limit, from October 8 to November 24, 2021. He managed to convince 180 people who paid him the sum of 8,621 euros to finance his project. Today, November 25, the day after the payments closed, the man who enjoys great popularity in the archipelago thanked all the contributors : “We would like to thank each one of you for the enthusiasm and support you have shown throughout this first step of the adventure that we will continue to live with you. We have surpassed the goal to be achieved to create the online Creole language training with Benzo, thanks to you (…) Nou ka di zòt mèsi onpil. Gras a-zòt nou rivé an bout a jaden a Étyèn. Woulo bravo, mèsi pou fòs-la zòt ban nou la. Nou ké pòté nouvèl ba zòt*, he said.

As promised, the people who participated in this financial campaign will have access to training for the amount they paid and their name will be on all media. With this money, Benzo will, among other things, create and put online the website, shoot videos, put the training on sale, etc.

*Creole translation: “Thanks to you, we have succeeded. Congratulations, thank you for your help. We will bring you news”.