Nativo Prada makes his way as a producer

Nativo Prada: " I decided to undertake a project in which I can grow as a company and at the same time help others"

With his company Nativeinco Music LLC. he supports new talent.

Nativo Prada 2

Under the Nativeinco Music LLC. label, young producer and investor, Nativo Prada, has become a talent scout. Through his company he has given the opportunity to new urban music artists who do not have the support to take flight in the competitive industry.

One of them is the artist El Bloonel, who thanks to his versatility and style has stood out as one of the most outstanding representatives of the new blood of his generation. With the support of Nativeinco Music, the singer has ranked first in the country, with songs like “Muévelo así remix” and “Yo tengo un flow” with Ceky Viciny. He has also gained recognition in international collaborations such as “Sin beso” with Bayron Fire, one of the most prominent urban artists in Chile.

“The plan is to grow with these young and talented artists who have this desire to progress, but who don’t have the support to do so. I know how it feels to have the desire to go forward and knock on doors and not find one open, that’s why as an executive producer, I decided to undertake a project in which I can grow as a company and at the same time help others”, explained Robert Anderson Ventura Mercado, the birth name of Nativo.

The company of the businessman, born in Puerto Plata and based in the United States, together with Guanikiki Music and Micky El Tsunami, has been playing an excellent role as one of the new business proposals in the world of music in the Dominican Republic.

Nativo Prada has also launched a special edition clothing line called Nativeinco HeadWear Co. which is distinguished by an urban style represented by several national and international artists.

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