Jean-Marc Ferdinand made his “Kalakaswé”

Kalakaswé Jean-Marc Ferdinand 25A

After being the guest of “Career of artists: Traces and Genesis” on Saturday, August 3 then in concert with his band K’Koustik on Saturday, August 10, singer, musician, dancer and choreographer Jean-Marc Ferdinand, from the town of Saint-Claude (Guadeloupe), led the introduction to gwoka dance – Kalakaswé – at the Memorial ACTe in Pointe-à-Pitre, on Sunday, August 11 August from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. These three activities were part of the cycle “Itinérances et Imaginaires”.

About fifty people participated in this activity that take place once or twice a month on the “Terrasse évenementielle” with a 5.00 euros financial contribution. As Usual, women were the most numerous but there were some men and children. Jean-Marc Ferdinand was with well-known percussionist Joby Julienne, from the city of Basse-Terre, and Dominique Minatchy.

For two hours and with his lengendary good mood, the dancer taught the participants several gwoka steps and all were able to make with a smile the final choreography to sound of the ka drum. offers you some pictures of this Kalakaswé.