Atrévete theater producer presents “Le Prénom”

Gianni Paulino (Élisabeth), Richard Douglas (Pierre), Élizabeth Chahin (Anna), José Roberto Díaz García (Vincent) and Pepe Sierra (Claude)

The producer announces the presentation of the work, “Le Prénom”, in the Dominican Republic for next September.

The award-winning work “Le Prénom” (The Name), a comedy-drama written by Alexandre de la Patellière and Matthieu Delaporte (two French authors), is the play chosen by the theater Atrévete producer to return to stage next September, under the production of Gianni Paulino.

“Le Prénom” brings together on stage José Roberto Díaz García (Vincent), Gianni Paulino (Élisabeth), Richard Douglas (Pierre), Élizabeth Chahin (Anna) and Pepe Sierra (Claude), under the direction of Antonio Melenciano, winner of the Soberano Awards in 2016.

The work takes place during an evening when some friends gather together to dinner and celebrate the baby’s arrival of one of the couples. When the future father answers the question about the chosen name, it causes a debate that creates conflicts one after another which are hilarious and surprising and which will question the relationship between all the characters. The central theme of the play is the choice of the baby’s name, and this fact reveals the prejudices according to the country, sexe, religion, culture, experience and hobby, to choose a name that marks the whole life.


“It is an achievement that we can present in the country this great drama-comedy about friendship, hypocrisy, prejudices and human meanness which swept through the box office of European, American and Latin American theaters,” said Paulino.

This version of Fernando Masllorens & Fedérico González Del Pino was the winner of : the SACD Prize, France, in 2011; the ACE Awards, Argentina, in 2013 ; the César Awards, COLCOA, USA, in 2013 ; the Estrella de Mar Awards, Argentina, in 2016 ; and Molière Award for Best Playwright, France, 2011.

Premiered in France in 2010 with great success, it was adapted for a film in 2012 and was acclaimed by more than 3 million spectators around the world.

“It’s a cosmopolitan, dynamic and vibrant play which invites us to watch and enjoy from our seat a fictitious situation of a family meeting, so close that it makes us laugh and think about our position in a similar situation,” explained the producer.

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